What Sets Us Apart

When you discover that you or your child needs braces and are ready to straighten your teeth, it can be an overwhelming process to research. Braces are typically a large financial investment, and finding the right orthodontist to work with your family can be a challenge.

What is different about us?

We truly care about our patients and want to make sure their experience is easy and pleasant. Going to the dentist (or orthodontist) can raise a lot of negative feelings for some people, especially as you get older.

Because of this, finding an orthodontic office that cares about making you feel comfortable is not necessarily as easy as you’d like. We dedicate ourselves to providing patients, young and old, with excellent professionalism and care. Your satisfaction is our sign that we are doing a great job.

If you’re looking for an orthodontist in the Grand Rapids area, call the office of Dr. Ed Young to set an appointment!